Opening day 8—-

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I had a good opener yesterday. For the last three years I’ve missed opening day for one reason or another. Just after daylight I had deer around me- one of them a nice buck - I was trying to get my feet positioned to shoot when I heard another deer coming from behind me. As I looked over my shoulder all I remember was thinking “WHOA”. I shifted my attention immediately. As he walked past I already had my spot picked out on his off side, I just needed him to quarter enough for me to be able to hit it. Three more steps and he was where I needed him to be-I drew, released, and watched my arrow go right where it needed to. Perfect. I listened to a crash some 60 yards away. Thank you Lord.
I was shooting a Martin X200 recurve
Homemade Douglas fir arrow
Magnus II, 125gr. Head. 520A921F-3A07-40D2-B415-E1D74437CCAF.jpeg


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I hear ya son ! That's a great buck and especially with a stick bow. Congratulations you earned him. He will be a good looking mount !
That's EXACTLY what I was going to say.
Super nice MONSTER. As noted, especially with a stick bow. That's a MONSTER Buck in anyone's eyes. Stick, compound, rifle or hand grenade.

Congratulations. Big Time !!! 😁