Opening day in Lamar County!


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We had our annual gathering at my friend's little farm and he decided to stick with our opening day tradition of afternoon shoot and dinner afterwards.
He puts a lot of work in his field and this year he decided on sunflowers. It was expensive and a ton of work keeping the deer away. He had electric fence to keep the deer out.
It was not a barn burner but enough birds to keep shooting. We had four adults and a kid on his first shoot.
It took from 3 to 7 pm but we had two limits, one just a bird or two shy. I am a terrible wing shooter and got 7 and the 4th grader shooting a 28 gauge semi auto killed his first two ever.
We would have a flurry of three or four birds and then a dead spell and then single after single.

We did help the ammo manufacturers stay profitable.