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I'm afraid that opening day will never be quite the same. After the phone call early this morning, I now know I won't be getting any more texts from my wonderful friend Al asking me how my hunt is going. We were able to spend a number of opening days together in both Tennessee and Kentucky over the last 15 or so years, but even when we weren't hunting the same spot, we always checked in to see how the other was doing.

I'm so very happy to have shared many great hunts with Al and I'm very lucky to have been with him when he killed his largest buck, largest bear and largest boar. Al was able to join me on 7 or 8 of my gift hunts, including one to Maine for bear and on another wonderful trip we made to Alaska on a drop hunt. I had checked in with Al's wife last night and learned he was doing poorly. The message to call her was there when I turned my phone on early this morning.

Every single one of you would have enjoyed sharing a camp with him and I'll include some pictures here, so you can imagine you had.... Not much more I can say...







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Sorry to hear, M88. Glad you had such a close friend to share good times with. Many never do.


I’m sorry to hear it. I have a couple of close friends I hunt with, can’t imagine losing one of them.
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I appreciate all the kind comments fellas. Thank you all. I finally managed to find a picture of that big buck, shot on opening morning in Kentucky 2008. It was quite a buck....

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And that is what hunting means to me. I hate it for those who confuse it with horns and numbers and Facebook. They are missing out.
You are so correct. Our trip together on a drop hunt in the bush in Alaska spawned no trophies. But we were both pretty adamant that the Alaska hunt back in 2010 was the BEST hunt ever.... Flown in to a camp, 4hr ATV ride to drop camp and 8 nights there, without anyone else. Just us and Alaska....

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Sorry for your loss, bud. Sounds like you two had an awesome friendship, and some awesome times together.
Sorry to hear about your Friend and hunting buddy AL, may he rest in peace.

On a positive note, he lives on in Spirit, and part of that spirit resides within your heart.