Opinions on new Challenge rules (End date of contest)

What date do you prefer to end the contest on?

  • Keep it like it is. End it on the last day of the season.

    Votes: 18 72.0%
  • End it at the end of November so we can all enjoy the Holidays!

    Votes: 7 28.0%

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  • Poll closed .
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This will be one of three polls I post on potential new rules for next year.

Every year the contest has ended on the last day of Georgia's deer season. Since we have lowered the entry limits to 2 does and 1 buck I have kicked around the idea of ending the contest at the end of November. This would give me a chance to get the gift cards out before Christmas and it would also put a little pressure on entrants to get it done a little sooner!

To be honest with you it would also give me a chance to wrap this up before the holidays. There are very few entries in December and we could all enjoy the end of deer season without having the contest hanging over our heads!:cheers:
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End it when the regular bow season ends. :)
Make it a real challenge. :)
Or end of Nov.


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I see what your saying about holiday etc... and I actually quit bow hunting after I harvested my buck for this contest in November. But if I had not taken that buck I would have hunted hard in December. A lot of good hunting on the tail end of the season. Left trail cams out and seen some good ones. Richard


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We all hate change. Everytime there has been change involving the Challenge seems like it has worked out pretty good. I'm all for it Billy. Let's give it a shot, and you a break. If it don't work, it could be changed back, and someone else could run the Challenge. :bounce:


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Sounds kinda self centered to me. Your taking away a chance for a come back and your eliminating other hunters rut completely. Georgia's rut is to strung out. Some done even come in until December or even January.
Its a deer hunting challenge, not a contest to see how quick someone can end it. .......Oh boy, I'm thinking about a poll for my teammates. Billy's gonna get mad, he wont make the cut. :bounce:


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and still can't win a Challenge. ::ke: