Ordered a rocklock today!

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A Tennessee Valley Muzzleloader Natchez Poor Boy rifle with a swamped, .54 caliber Colerain barrel, upgraded wood, double-set trigger and upgraded lock. If it all works out, this should be my deer rifle for the rest of my life.

The gun is classified as a "barn gun," since it doesn't emulate any particular builder or geographic style of rifle. In the South, barn guns were fairly common during Colonial times, as many town blacksmiths built functional, yet inexpensive guns to fulfill a need in their community.

I'll post pictures in about seven months when it arrives.
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That sounds like a goodun.
You're gonna love it.
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Well, I'm sorry to say, I have cancelled my TVM Poor Boy. Fortunately, they were supposed to send me an invoice for the down payment amount this week. Until that was paid, it wasn't really an order. But I have had second thoughts on the gun.

I decided to go with a Jim Kibler Colonial Rifle, which checks more of the boxes on a rifle I want, plus, it will be here before Christmas (The TVM is a seven month wait). The Kibler gun has way more "pretty" furniture and a great reputation for accuracy. And, by ordering it "in the White," it's the same price as the TVM Natchez Poor Boy.

The rifle will arrive completely assembled and functional, but will need to have the stock and metal finished (That's what "in the white" means). Ive finished stocks before, so that is not a problem. And even though I've never "browned" a barrel and lock parts before, there is a good turtorial on Youtube. It looks pretty easy.

I talked to Jim Kibler this morning and am now convinced I made the right decision. This guy knows his rifles and loves helping folks assemble them. It's nice to know that if I run into a problem, help is just a phone call away.