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I wear leather boots for work. I like American made products when I can find them. Chippewa, Thorogood and some of the Redwings are great. I took a leap of faith in these Origin Coronado boots made in Maine. Wore 'em on concrete all week. I am very impressed! Definitely my new favorite work boot. Took bout 2¹/² weeks to get them but they build 'em when you order. You pick your leather and your soles. Seems like a solid company with a heart for qaulity. Mine are true to size and comfortable right out of the box. I don't think they offer steel toes or waterproof or none of that. Just a straight up old school leather boot. Figured I'd share my thoughts on it in case anyone had been looking at 'em and was on the fence bout it.


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love my thorogoods ...thanks for the heads up on origin...although my question wud be do they rebuild
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