Ossabaw Youth Hunt

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Just got off the phone with the folks at Kilkenny Marina cost for the parent/child round trip is $130.
Also there were only 24 youth drawn for the hunt so there should not be a line for the boat ride. HA !!!!

Anyone else going on this trip?

I have been to the island many times but it will be my 16year old sons first trip.
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Budda is that suppose to make us feel bad? LOL

We are going for the experience and hopefully get a hog, I have two big boars mounted behind me on the wall that came off the island. My son has gotten many deer but never had opportunity to hunt hogs.
Plus I want to show him the places I have been on the island.
With only 24 drawn there should be plenty of areas to move around.
I have hunted all over the island.


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My daughter got drawn. We will be riding with the Kilkenny folks. Only 24. WOW!! I'm looking forward to spending a few day over there again. Still one of the best hunts around. Go for the experience and you won't be disappointed.