Ought to be in a tree...

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Man - What a beautiful frosty morning over this way today -- 30 degrees, blue sky, zero wind -- Whay couldn't it have been this way Saturday? :)


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My thoughts exactly! I had planned on being off this week and hunting/camping with my Dad BUT of course the powers that be at work had different ideas. Yep this would have been a great morning to be in a tree. (but then again most mornings are :D )




Usually, I go down to hunt Sunday afternoon's and Monday morning before goin' back to work on Monday Evening.......

I didn't go down yesterday...... :( :(

I think I should have.......

Oh well.....

I'll be there on Wednesday Evening.........Not as cool as this morning.....But, it is being in the woods..... :yeah:
Man it was a bad day at the Thompson house....me whining and complaining about how I am supposed to be in the woods and Jill whining and complaining about how I am supposed to be selling something and me whining and complaining about how I dont wanna hear it..... :banginghe