Out w/ the Old - Fly Reel Give Away for Kids - Winner is Post # 6

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Cleaning up the other day...Found this Scientific Anglers System 1 - 4/5/6 - Great shape - If you know a kid ( Prefer 16 or younger ) that wants to chance at a nice fly reel.. respond "I am in" and I will draw a name 1/1/20 and ship the reel to them.
Merry Christmas

Just Drew the Winner out of the hat....... Gobbleinwoods!!! Have a great New Year!!!!


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Great gesture, thank you! I don't need the reel or know someone who does, just saying thanks for doing this! :cheers:


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I am in.
My nephew 10, if he gets it I’ll buy him a rod to put it on.


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I am in. My newest neighbor has a young son who would love this.
I'm am in. My 13 yr old son wants to start fly fishing. Looks like we will have new hobby to learn and spend time together doing. Thanks for doing this sir.


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Many thanks for all the great gesture.


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Thanks Everyone! Gobbleinwoods # was picked out of the hat. For those who did not win, if you want a few hand tied flies, PM your address & I will send a few.

Hope everyone has a great New Year!!!!!!
Couldn’t just give the young man a reel so when I stopped at BPS yesterday I picked up a 5wt rod and line.