Out with the Kids

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Had an unexpected but welcomed visit from my sister and the kids this weekend. She said they talked about fishing the entire trip up and were totally excited to go. Problem for me was the odds this weekend were stacked against us. Nevertheless we got out there and gave it the old fisherman's try. I was able to put my nephews on their first fish ever and my niece hooked up but it broke off. After a few hours we decided to run up and down the lake like the rest of the boaters. I filled the tank up before we left and when we got back to the ramp the boat was on "E"! They were having so much fun they elected to stay on the lake instead of going to the water park. We had one of the best times of our lives together and those memories will last forever. They will be back in 2 weeks and they are already planning the next hunt. We will be going full bore stripers next go around. Teeny enjoyed being the firstmate and instructing them on what to do.



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HECK YEAH, Chris!! Those smiles truly show that the lifelong memories were properly cemented! Great job on giving them a weekend of a lifetime!


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It's nice to see kids loving the sport. It's almost better you didn't put them on a ton of fish, they learned to enjoy the whole experience and didn't get spoiled on a rare day of only bent rods and boated fish. Glad y'all had a good time!
Man Chris, there's a lot of smiles in that boat. Looks like ya'll had a blast. WTG!!


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That's what its all about right there! I took the kids out Saturday morning, did not reel in a fish myself and enjoyed it more than any other day on the lake! I Love taking kids fishing. Way to make those kids smile man!!!!


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Best type of fishing trip, right there.
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Love that boat man, thing is setup right for about any kind of fishing.

Thanks. I invested a lot in getting her right. I have caught plenty fish of all kinds with it.


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Looks like a fun day, for sure. That's what it's all about there.