Outdo one another!


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Romans 12:10
Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

This thread is all about doing just what this scripture says. You may make any honorable statement about:

Your heavenly Father
Jesus Christ
The Holy Spirit
A Fellow Believer

As starter of this thread, I reserve the right to remove any comment that doesn’t honor!

Are you ready to put this into practice?

Let’s go then!


Daily Bible Verse Organizer
Srb, Redbow, MAM65, whitetaillane, marlin, milkman, ccherry, beagler, big7

Who are these people? They are faithful followers of the DBV and I am certain that God is working greatly in each one of them. I honor your faithfulness!

gordon 2

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Honor to the Holy Spirit who will comfort the needy. Honors to his ministers. Honors to the weak who will put themselves on the way the Holy Spirit is going and risk being changed---putting away fears in exchange for hope. Honor to the Holy Spirit who makes the weak strong. Honor to the strong who's love is made whole.


Daily Bible Verse Organizer
Thank you Father for your Holy Word, which is always giving new insights and new truths to us and renewing us each day!


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I'm constantly reminded that anytime I step outside the will of God I become my own worst enemy. I allowed my anger to pull me outside my hula hoop last week and thank God the Mods reigned me in.