Outdoorsman With A Great Attitude

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I was on Facebook last night, and a friend of mine shared a link to a fundraiser for a hunter, named Joshua Carney, out of Louisiana. Upon seeing the website, I found out that this guy wasn't just any ordinary hunter, he is a 22 year old young man who was shot by his father in a turkey hunting accident when he only 13 years old. He died twice while the doctors worked to save him, he has went through many surgeries, and is now in a wheel chair, but he still loves going hunting more than most things. He actually went right back to the woods when they eventually released him from the hospital after his accident. I read his testimony, and his attitude is wonderful. In everything I've read, and in all the videos I've seen, he seems very genuine, and he will definitely make you laugh with his uplifting personality. The doctors said that Joshua would never talk again, but he did, and now he makes amazing wild game calls only with his voice. He was tagged in a video from a hunting expo, and the guy has some skills. :) He is involved with Trinity Outdoor Disabled Adventures, in Louisiana, and it is a lot like OWL. (They have one of his testimonies on their website with pictures of Joshua.) I thought that was really great that he has an outdoor organization to get involved with. Anyhow, I just wanted to share the story. I don't think that a link of Facebook will be the last of seeing his name, and also maybe some disabled hunters needing hope and inspiration will find some through Joshua's story.