OWL Banquet- Watkinsville GA

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There was several folks that wanted to come to the Sold out Commerce Banquet so here you go.
This is the Board Of Directors-National Banquet. It will sell out too so let me know as soon as possable if you would like to come. All proceeds go to provide hunting, fishing and outdoors oportunities to folks with Disablities


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If y'all would like too, we could put together a "Woody's" table and y'all can sit together. Again, I need to know who is interested so I can make sure to reserve the seats. No money needed up front. You can pay at the door but if you do reserve a seat and cant come, please let me know so it can be opened up for someone else.

CHEROKEE CHARLIE will be attending. With a donation.

Can't wait.
Watkinsville Banquet

Jim West and I attended the O.W.L. Banquet in Watkinsville last night. Met some very nice people who were first timers and some that I knew from previous banquets and hunts. Some of you might not realize that these banquets are a major factor in raising funds for our hunts and fishing trips. It was evident in the amount of funds that some of the items up for bid brought. I am a contributer and a participant in these banquets. I just love being there and seeing all the friends and acquaintances I have made since I have been a member.

A big thank you goes out to Kirk, Tim, the auctioneer and all the volunteers who helped put on another successful affair.

My dues are paid for another year so look for me at some of the hunts,especially the Comer hunt where I will get to see my good friend and guide, Donnie Clements.

BTW, the food was excellent. I think Kirk was embellishing the truth when he said that he cooked some of the items. Ha!

Plan your schedule next year to attend at lease one of the banquet/fund raisers. You will enjoy it.