Painting Rocks

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A while back I posted about a new hobby. I'd taken up. Thought I'd share a few I did and place out for folks to find. Doing these and hiding( not really hid) in hopes someone finding it and gets some joy is a great feeling. If you do Facebook, there are great rock painting groups that you can hook up with. It is great fun to me. 20190811_121024-800x600.jpg 20190811_121401-800x600.jpg 20190811_121328-800x600.jpg 20190811_121259-800x600.jpg 20190811_121159-800x600.jpg
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I usually spot a few at some of the local parks and along the riverwalk downtown. Most are done by kids and not quite the quality that you have. Very creative! My son would definitely like to find one of yours.