Panther Creek

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Can anyone give me the low down on camping, hiking and even fly fishing Panther Creek? Just west of Yonah Dam.

Will I be able/allowed to camp with the current [covid 19] situation?

Any alternative campsite with fly rodding included would be appreciated.

I gotta get out of this place. If its the last thing I ever do. Whitetailer...
Unless the forest service has closed camping on public land. Better check with them. Might be a little crowded. I dont know havent been over there in weeks.

Panther creek is pretty small. Hard to do anything more than a roll cast. For me anyway.
Just for clarification,
I was talking about the east end where it dumps in the lake hartwell. Just below Yonah dam.
Its not nearly as popular as the access on hwy 441. Thats what is pictured above.
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Thunder Head, Yes, I was talking about to the east up from Yonah.

I'm going to put things on hold. Just go fishing here.

I don't know if the area there is open or not. That land belongs to Ga Power, and I haven't heard about what they are doing. I do know the Nat'l Forest land is shut down.