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Any of you ever had a park model, if so thoughts? Son just moved to Tampa area, so wife and I as we are getting very near retirement, are looking at the 55+ RV Resort communities in that area and they are tons of them, all for snowbirds. You can do 6 months on / 6 months off and it is actually very reasonable IMO. Thinking of getting a park model versus a camper given we would leave it onsite. Just a idea at this time, but imagine it will happen in a year or so.
I think that would be ideal for your situation unless you plan on needing holding tanks for camping. I bought a FEMA camper years ago which I think is considered a park model. It had a regular size toilet and fridge vs. travel trailer style.


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I’ve had friends do exactly as you are planning and they all were satisfied with the park model.
The secret is to find the right park as relocating a park model is much more involved than a regular RV.