Paulding Forest / Sheffield WMAs for rabbit?

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Anyone know if they have rabbit populations to speak of?

Spent ~4 days hoofing all over Pine Log WMA, which looks like it could have rabbits but I never saw any, so I'm eager to find a place someone has actually seen some on.
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@Jeff Raines I tried sitting the edges of fields and powerlines at dawn/dusk, then walking the edges of all the fields looking for sign, and finally a few hours of plowing right through the middle of briars.... I figured I'd at least see a tuft of fur or some scat, if not a live rabbit, but saw none of the above.
I've seen them sit tight until the dogs almost bite'em or run down a hole and have to dig the dog out that followed it in.
There are some big food plots out the road behind check station,you might try looking in briers around them.