Pay it forward (please sticky)

Looking for a range finder. Young girl in my neighborhood has taking a liking to deer hunting. Her dad got her a crossbow and I helped her sight it in. We used my range finder for this and she wants one but can't afford one. She asked if she could borrow mine this weekend but that won't help me out. So if anyone has one they don't use anymore she would gladly take it
I have a Bear Element Bow posted on the classifieds... Not really concerned about selling it for the money, wouldn't mind giving it to someone looking to help teach a teenager at their church or neighbor get into shooting... It is currently set at 70LB and 29" draw, but could be turned down... Let me know if you know of someone you could help out...
Hey guys looking for a compound bow that will adjust out the 30" draw. Its for the Youth pastor at the church. Looking for a good started bow. Thanks for all the help


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I have a 2012 PSE Revenge 30" and 50#. I no longer use


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Free Starter Setup - PSE Nova, 30" draw, 70lb draw weight, PSE 3 pin sight, TM Hunter rest, Cobra release, Kwik E quiver, 1 dozen carbon arrows with field points and NAP 125 gr Spitifire boradheads and a bowcase. The bow needs a new string but other than that it's ready to rock.

PM me if you want it.