Pecan trees blooming


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I looked this past weekend in Screven co but didn’t see any budding out yet but I’m sure they will start in the next week or so.

Jim Boyd

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Mine were dormant a week ago.

Will see them this weekend.

Supposed to be 34 and clear tonight. Beyond that, the 10 day forecast shows warm.


Old and Ornery
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One of my Satsuma`s is wrapped up in blooms. I`m hoping a bed sheet covering it up will save them. Looking at 29 or so tonight.


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Calling for 30 in my part of the state. If that happens will make 3 years in a row
No pecans
No acorns
No blueberries
Very few peaches


Wind is suppose to be blowing good tonight in my area so maybe no frost but tomorrow night wind is suppose to lay down and be in upper 30's which at times I can get frost depending how quick the temps drop after sundown.

My pecans are still dormant but figs are starting to bud out, grape vine is still dormant. Lemon I have is loaded in blooms but got that wrapped up for the night or two.


"Useless Billy" Fire Chief.
Very bottom of my pecan trees have started budding, calling for 34 here in Dooly.


36 this morning down in the FL Panhandle, no frost on the windshield so all should be good.

Jim Boyd

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Looks like a big rain for us this weekend and maybe some rain next week.

Our farmers will get the corn in during the next 10-15 days.

Don’t see any additional cold right off.

Fingers STILL crossed


Jim Boyd

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Very light buds starting on my pecan trees, showing just a little this weekend.

Progress will be rapid now.