Peep sights on a Traditions Hawkens rifle

Years ago I installed a peep on my Browning BAR for my deer hunting. It worked very well for me. Recently I have got back interested back into my Hawken 50 cal Hawken. Years ago I had a peep installed on my 45 cal TC Hawken and kill several deer with it. Now I have built a Traditions St. Louis Hawken in 50 cal . I have installed a peep on it and managed to get my front sight installed. I hope that I can use the peep. As my vision is not as good as back in the day, I don't know if I will be able to use the peep. I hope I will. If I have to put the open sights back on I will. It is **** to get older in some ways. Thank you for your replys.
Just to update my peep install. I got everything on my Traditions Hawken ready to take out for the first fire. The problem when I look through the peep is that the front sight is burred and that is not good so I don't know if I will be able to use the peep sight. My sorry old eyes. I might have to install a low non variable scope . Have anyone on here installed a scope on their Hawken? Just asking.


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I was talking about mixing inlines with traditional guns. They are just different
Years ago it caused mostly no problems mixing inlines with traditional guns. Now a days, not so much. Now someone will probably jump in here and demand I explain myself. My answer is "Use your brain for what it was designed for"
Just because the two are different is why they don't mix well. Years ago this forum was a source of good information for both caplock and flintlock rifles now not so much. I would much prefer 2 forums for black powder, one for inlines and another, separate, for traditional black powder.
This is just my opinion and if it differs from yours so be it.