Peoples Lake - North GA

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I've had several successful hunts on this prime public land in North GA I just thought I would share a few pictures. Anyone else has any success? It is mainly rolling ridges and can be steep, but there are several old food plot locations on top which usually produce.


What part of north ga is this in? I have never heard of this place but it looks like a great spot.
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Thanks guys. I usually hunt a spot I found walking one day in a bottom full of white oaks. I have not been there yet this year hunting, but may ride up this weekend. The property is located near Chatsworth GA off of Old Federal Road. I think the road going in is called Peoples Lake Road.


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I've hunted there a few times off and on, Used to see a ton of pigs and occasional bear. I don't think they get much pressure back in there. The locals just consider it a place to party on Friday night...May have to give it another go. Not trying to squeeze into your spot but was that bottom by any chance near Squirel Ridge?
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I won't say exactly, but it is located on the last road to the left across a creek and past an old school bus left in the woods years ago believe it or not. I shouldn't have said that much, but I will prob not get to go up there that much this year anyway.


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Looks like you got it figured out, congrats.

I grew up in that area and know exactly were that school bus is at in the woods. Back 25 or 30 years ago it was used as a camp for hunting. They are some big deer there just not very many. Back years ago when you could still camp beside the bridge just below were you are talking about turning off the main dirt road I killed a nice bear. This area does get hunted a good bit a lot more than what you think. I have saw a few good deer come out of there over the years just not many. I stopped hunting there about 5 years ago just because of the crowd and the state park actually took a lot of the land off that side of fort mountain. Once you get up to that school bus you are talking about you are getting pretty close to the state park land. If you go hunting there don't expect to see a lot of deer and also there is a lot of private property there also it is owned by the Reed family even though it is all mountain land it is not all U.S. forest service property. Oh, and if you are there in the winter time things freeze into ice at night then thaws out during the day if you take the side road that he is talking about it has several little humps on it to keep the road from washing out you better have a 4-wheel drive to get back out the next day after it thaws out. We got stuck there because of this before. I guess what I want everyone to know is they are some big deer there just not many deer , local people do hunt this area a lot and there is private and state park land both there and it is a party area for some people so keep an eye on your vehicle.
If there are hogs there, I might have to go take a gander up there. A friend told me how to get up there, but I didn't know anything about it. I live in Crandall, so it's just down 411 from me.


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there's a few elk in there too. last December I saw a sasquatch chasing one... right after guy on a buffalo rode through on his way out to lunch, and he had a field dressed black panther strapped across the buffalos' hump.:D


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I know the black Panther was a joke but there are some feral goats in there. A farmer turned his pen loose decades ago, they are tough to kill but good eatin.