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As you saw in my Photoshop before and after, I've sort of figured out the clone tool.

But as I stated there, I know EXTREMELY little about the rest of photoshop.

Notice in the picture that we both have that orange hue because of the exposure from the setting sun? I'm not very familiar with using layers but is there an easy fix for our unnatural discoloration?


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Good job, DRB1313!

Like everything else in Photoshop, there are several ways to get to the same result. If you shot in RAW, sometimes you can get rid of the color cast by changing the white balance before you convert to another file format. And EVERY now & then, the REMOVE COLOR CAST button actually works - but usually not...

DRB1313's is non-destructive & you have a lot more control over the changes...

I try to always remember that sometimes one technique works better than another and to not get hung up on ALWAYS doing something a single way (though 90% of the time, I may use one method...).
You are absolutely correct Rip. There is always ten or more ways to accomplish tasks in photoshop.
Since we shoot Raw, we can adjust the white balance.
This technique is the best I have found for removing a color cast in a jpeg.
The reason I like this method is because photoshop analyzes the cast and then all you have to do is adjust the intensity of the filter, remove however much you want.
Of coarse at this point there is still some editing to be done to fine tune the image.


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Great advice

I have learned a bunch from our members and their sharing their knowledge and skills so freely:clap:

I have never gotten much out of the comp "how to" books, but Scott Kelby writes some very easy (for me) to follow books on PS that have helped me and I can use them as a reference to compensate for my short memory span:biggrin2: