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For those of you who like to play with Photoshop, Here is a cool Color Correction tip for removing color cast. I'll try to keep it straight foward because it's not a one click fix. All digital Cameras have some sort of color cast, Maybe Blue mostly red. In the photo used for the example I simulated this effect due to the fact it had already been fixed. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Do this first: At the top of the screen in Photoshop click on window and then Layers.

1. Open the photo to be worked on.
2. For Macs. Type Cmd j and Windows Ctrl j
( This will make a duplicate layer in the layers pallete that you opened.)
3. Now at the top Click on Filter, then blur, and then Average from the slide out window.
4. Next type Cmd i for Macs or Ctrl i for Windows.
( This will invert the color cast. Hang on! Here comes the fun part.)
5. Now go to the Layers pallete and click on the drop down arrows for the blending mode. It should say normal by default. Change it to color. ( Are you scared yet? )
6. Now in the Layers Pallete Change the opacity to around 15%. This number will vary based on how bad the color cast is or your personal preference. You can use the slider or just type in your percentage.
7. Your basically done. Right next to the duplicate layer you will see a little eyeball, You can click this on and off to see the before and after. It will help you with setting. the color. Hope You enjoy.
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If your layers pallete is already open, Skip the Do this first step. Sorry. Also, Pay no attention If the rest of the colors look unsaturated in the second sample. They are not on my Mac, but I did not convert to sRGB which would look better for web viewing.


Thanks for the tip. Looks like post processing is going to take on a whole new meaning with you on the board. Look forward to more lessons.