Pick your Poison!

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Not to start a thread on getting hammered and calling up dinosaurs, but what's your choice of drink for the New Year, or just a lazy evening around the house?

If I do sip on something it's either a Miller Lite or Jack and Coke, and that comes very rarely. What about y'all? There's gotta be some wanna-be-bartenders around here! :D


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I'm a beer guy myself. Guess my favorite would be Bass Ale.

If I do venture to a mixed drink...manhattan's are pretty good.


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During the summer I drink Miller Lite but once it turns cold it is Single Malt Scotch for me. Preferably Glen Fidich.
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Jim Thompson said:
Mich Ultra

I tried that Ultra a while back, it's not that bad. I was surprised... Matter of fact, there's a few left in the bottom of the fridge... iced over! :D
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Jeff, if THAT don't warm ya up, nothing will!


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Dawn2Dusk said:
I don't partake of the poison drink...

Don;t sweat it Andy...I'll try and drink enough for the both of us :eek:
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Something "fishy" is going on around here!!! Gotta be a Admin........... Jim? Jeff? *LMBO*

My feelings are all torn up now... *sniffles*
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Stop It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, ya'll need to "HUSH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it's gonna be "NEW YEARS EVE" and ya'll will be havin' a beverge of choice and I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!! :banginghe :banginghe

I'll be drivin' down I-75 Headed south!!!!!!!!!!!

I reckon I better not be caught drivin' the "BIG TRUCK" with a unauthorized beverage...... ::ke: :fine: ::ke: :fine:


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Tim...want me to have a few for you too?


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If I come to the hog hunt and end up drivin.....I'll bring a case of yankee beer for yall to try
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Yankee beer? If it starts with "Mol" and ends with "Son" you can keep it. I had enough of that in Canada...

I'd rather drink motor oil...


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cannukians ain't yankees eh?

Geez...get yer Geography right :bounce: