Piedmont for me

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Its Friday for me. Tomorrow we leave for the Buck Only hunt at Piedmont! Certainly hope I get big un. We had about 50 applications turned in for our group, Butttttt right now there is only about 15 of us going.

Who else is going?


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Hey Yall leave a couple down there for me. I am going first either sex hunt.

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Heading down Wed. will be trying to get my usual spot beside the cemetary if available. Got my game cart ready to hopefully haul one out from the back forty!!
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Scrub Buck you asked "How did the buck only hunt go?"

Not so good for me. I did not get one, saw only 1 deer, and not sure what it was. We had 11 people in our group, with only a 3 pointer killed. Talked to the ranger Saturday evening. A total of 110 bucks were killed. There were 930 paid applications. That is about 10% kill ratio.

If you are doing one of the either sex hunts, Good luck.
I drove thru Piedmont Saturday afternoon. Seemed to be very few people hunting. Sounds like they did alright. Seems to be right in line with last year. I'll be there the first either sex hunt. Did good last year one small buck and a doe. We'll see how this year goes.