Piedmont NWR hunt info (Covid edition)

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Just got off the phone with a Ranger at Piedmont. Hunts will be held, but you have to call for applications. As of now and to the foreseeable future the campground is closed due to Covid. Check in will be drive through, with hunter staying in their vehicle. There is limited primitive camping in the ONF, but that could change.

I am still going, despite this.


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I call to order mine via mail every year. If they’re not allowing camping I’m not wasting my $12.50 plus postage. I live over 2hrs away and ain’t paying to camp in a hotel room. Closing the camp ground is just silly. I understand maybe not allowing people to use the showers or restrooms but not allowing camping is just dumb. There’s plenty of room in the camp ground to social distance. Before anyone throws off on me just know my wife works with COVID patients everyday so I fully understand the dangers of the virus.