Piedmont NWR

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Hello all, we lost our hunting lease a couple seasons ago and its been pretty tough to find places to take my teenage boys who are now crazy about hunting. We got drawn for this upcoming weekends either sex hunt. My problem is, I know nothing about Piedmont. We have went down a scouted a little in preparation, but curious to see if any of yall could point me to somewhere out there to get these boys an opportunity at a deer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Ray


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Just go with what you got. Honestly I have not set foot on any part of that place that didn't look good and have plenty of sign. YMMV


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Everyone I talk with has a different favorite area, as stated above I think the whole place is good. Just depends on where you are camping or driving in.
A friend and I will be down for the ML hunt at end of month. I scouted some a couple weeks ago. It is a huge piece of property.

Please post your results after your youth hunt.