Pig Brig trapping system


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Have not used it,but did watch the videos a while back. Saw some pretty big hogs trying to get out & it held them. Not sure about long term durability..I think it’s made from Shrimp Boat netting(?) Probably wouldn’t last as long as metal traps...but it is DEFINITELY easier to move + set up in different locations. I think they were about $1200..which is cheaper,by far than the Jager Pro & other systems designed for pros who catch hogs for a living. I’m on my own property..so I built several out of metal & built them 5.5 ft high. After having a Boar come over a 52” Combo panel after my dad last year...we decided to build something a little higher :biggrin2:
Works great. Friend of mine was the one who set everything up in SC for the guy who came up with the idea and NatGeo. My friend has caught hundreds of pigs and hasnt had one get out yet


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I really like their design works great. I have a game changer Junior I really like but I would have done had one of these if it Wasn’t for bear and maybe Buck deer get tangled. You could put one of these up any where wet or dry

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A friend of mine put one up. He thought he had 17 hogs on camera. He left it up off the ground the first night. He put it down on the ground the second night and had 19 in it the next morning. Looks to me like it's the real thing.
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Very sorry for not embedding the videos. I thought we no longer had to embed them.