Pig Brig trapping system


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I think you grabbed the wrong link, the software should have embedded a good video link. I posted it for you.

I back up to a trap,get in the bed of my truck...then shoot downward into a trap. Less likely to get cut up if one makes it over the top😃. I’m liking this Pig Brig system more & more...simply from a labor standpoint. It’s (usually) either a lot of work,or a lot of money for a prefabbed metal trap. It also has no electronics to fail(if cell signal/battery power is poor). Take it up when there’s no hog sign on the property👍
I've had a couple go over the top while I was standing there (corral trap) and they both were going over opposite where I stood. The first got away because my shotgun was in the ATV. Learned a lesson there and had my shotgun in hand on the second. Neither showed any interest in coming after me which does not mean the next one won't.


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I think this is something new...that hogs aren’t used to & that’s why they work so good (for now). Definitely much less work setting up & moving than traditional t-posts & panels!!