Pig Brig trapping system


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From what I understand from the State Veterinarian is that letting the scavengers eat a more than likely infected hog, and should that animal then defecate in a pasture then cattle, horses, goats, sheep, dogs, etc. can be infected. The main concern is brucellosis which, according to the state, infects a really high percentage of wild hogs. Recommendations is to forget revenge and bury the dead hogs so the surrounding ecosystem is not contaminated with the brucellosis or other harmful bacteria & pathogens.
Better have a backhoe because using your tractor won't work. I've buried hogs only to have the coyotes did them up. Granted, they were shallow Graves but...
Wow..bigguns! Those 3 jokers could wreck a food plot,or field, in one night. It’s amazing what a hog that size can root up! I think they could bust up 4” concrete,if they thought there was a kernel of corn under it!
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Man now that's a load. How many total?