Pig Problem

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Okie Hog

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Our property in Garvin county, OK is overrun with wild hogs and pigs. This feeder throws one pound of feed at 7 am and another pound at 8 pm. That feeder is visited by about 60 hogs in a 24 hour period.

Been killing off little pigs there using #4 buckshot from a tree stand in the center background. Dead pigs don't become hogs.
It’d be fun to start shooting. But I think youre more in need of a few of those corral traps.
i run that feeder to attract hogs so the little pigs can be killed.

This morning a friend killed killed 9 little pigs there with a silenced .22 LR. One morning later in the week i'll be in the stand with a shotgun and #4 buckshot. Spring last year i killed over 40 little pigs there.
That's awesome. Same "problem" at our leases in Texas.

Capitalize on the problem killer!

I'd love a couple little ones for the smoker.