Pinelog WMA up for sale? Hopefully a rumor.

Has anyone else heard that Pinelog WMA is up for sale? My daughter sent me a text with the screenshot below in it. I assume she saw it on Facebook, which I do not and will not use. I did a web search and wasn't able to find anything to confirm this.

Could someone on here that is involved in real estate can do a search through your sources and see if anything can be found on this? If you are not familiar with the place, maybe this info will be helpful in your search: As I understand, Aubrey Corporation owns the land and leases it to the state for WMA usage. I believe Aubrey Corp is located around Cartersville, and the land is mainly in Bartow County, but some of it may be in Cherokee County. I think Rydal is the nearest small town. I suppose that selling it off would pay more than what they get from logging the land, or maybe they are getting tired of fooling with it.

I have spent a lot of time in there over the last 35 years or so. I can leave my house now and practically be in another world in 30 minutes. Land around the edges of it has been and currently is being developed. I have been afraid for a while they were going to eventually sell the whole place and turn it into yet more subdivisions, etc. That would be a crying shame, as the place is like an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts (hunters, hikers, people who fish, and mountain bikers).



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I hope the state buys it. 3.2 Billion tax surplus last year.

That group will have a better chance of persuading the state than us hunters and fisherman, but hope the end result is SAVED.