Plantation Duck Club 2020-2021

Sounds like fun to me. If you are going to have ducks, deer, turkey or quail you are going to work for them. I wish I was there to help you with the work. I really enjoy working on wild life projects.
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Got a bunch of dirt turned for planting this week. Goal is to have 3 ponds planted in corn by weeks end. I’ll plant rice after Memorial Day. Sprayed round up around all the risers and dropped some water out of my crawfish ponds. I will pump them back up with fresh water when I stock the crawfish in June. Saw tons of wood ducks and their young un’s as well as several big flocks of blue wings. Many more blue wings than I have been seeing so I imagine they are just stopping on their way back up. Saw one blue wing clutch of 5 that are about 1/2 grown. Also several Coots with babies around. Ended the day at my new camp drinking cold beer on the river. Rain, drought, hurricanes, bugs and all the other potential problems that can destroy crops now become a worry. Got a bunch of fence to run over the next few weeks to try and keep the critters out of the corn. The worry season has officially begun. FC28C341-6F08-426B-9F71-5C39327A3F7B.png 7A2251DB-905D-4056-ACA5-A0C2E207FCA7.png