Po Boy Archery Scores - July 19, 2020

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Po Boy Archery Scores for July 19, 2020

Thanks to all of you who came out to our last tournament for this year. I really appreciate all the support we had this year. Our number of shooters was the highest that we’ve had.

Dannie Morris 200-5
Ty Mullis 200-5
Bobby Padgett 196-4
Tiffany Tanner 194-3
Craig Simpson 191-3

Garrett Price 216-8
Brian Boyd 194-3

Don Randolph 220-9
Todd Jones 208-5

Women’s Open
Sherry Oglesby 192-2
Grade Oglesby 188-1

Nathan Worthington 177-3
Adam Corry 162-4

Senior Known
Buster Marrall 210-6
Darren Meadows 206-5
Brian Horton 198-3
Olin Price 198-1
Tommy Jenkins 186-2
Todd Wyrosdick 179-1

Super Senior
Dennis Johnson 196-3
Carl Cushman 194-3

James Smith, Jr. 204-4
James Smith 180-1

Gunner Jones 175-0
Hudson Tanner 133-0
Austin Reese
Tim Wall
Krissy Marrall 190-1
Kerry Hall
Keith Dixon
Kyle McMillan
Kaylee Johnston
Greg Ledger
Ronald Hall

Blind Squirrel
James Smith, Jr. and Buster Marrall tied with a score of 52 and split the money.

Craig Simpson 43
Todd Jones 48
Sherry Oglesby 50
Grace Oglesby 48
Adam Corry 30
Brian Horton 50
Olin Price 48
Darren Meadows 50