Political polls


I don’t want that idiot anywhere near my gas tank. If he can’t even do a simple job like polling, what makes you think he can pump gas?
You ain’t no Hank junior fan. Not for real if you don’t catch that one


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I took the porcelain poll this morning. When I hit the lever, I saw Biden's chances circle the bowl and disappear.


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Well I hope next week Luntz is pumping gas in greasy overalls
If Biden wins, he won’t be pumping gas, but charging those Electric Vehicles that Biden wants. 1CD9FB63-327C-48B3-8676-72FC2EA70CE5.jpeg


I have been called twice and my wife once on who we was voting for. We told the pollsters we was voting for Biden...and voted for Trump.:bounce:

And I know we are not the only ones to do this...so stick that in your poll and smoke it.:rofl:


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I've gotten a few dozen texts from the Republican side. I always say stop. They probably think I'm a Democrat by now, but I'll be in line for however long it takes to vote trump tomorrow!


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Reported on the news most states have seen 55% dems early voting and 45% Republicans. Even if all 55% voted Biden the large majority of R's in the past have voted in person. Gives me hope of a Trump victory.


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Polls are all over the place....
Just hope its all red*
Believe me there is plenty voting blue..
Now Ga , So many voting in the cities 👎


So they literally almost got Abrams elected. Boy that will show him!
I just looked at the results. The down ballot elections were all Within 2-3% points too. SURPRISE!! 😐
Well let’s see how close these will be tonight compared to the 2018 election.