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Any one archery hunt out of pop up blind at my age I don't like climbing high any more Thanks


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Its extremely popular. Watch most any outdoor show in TV and they will be bow hunting out of a blind. The biggest thing Ive noticed with blinds is the size. You want to make sure you get one big enough for you and your bow. A 1 man blind is not big enough. You'll need at least a 2 man style hub blind
I don't climb either, I hunt out of blind in Banks county and killed one opening day of bow season and killed one with my muzzleloader also out a blind. I like them, I can get more comfortable in a ground blind


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Possum I got the Ameristep doghouse blind and it is barely big enough, barely. I’d recommend getting a full size one for sure. Definitely can be a great tool to keep you in the woods and chasing deer!


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Any one archery hunt out of pop up blind at my age I don't like climbing high any more Thanks
I do. I have a rhino 300 which has a tall roof. Works great for bow hunting and has room to stand and stretch.


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I've got a couple, Rhinos are OK, but the durability lacks something to be desired. I have a 100 and a 150, hunt a lot of different spots so I set them up typically the day I'm going to hunt.

Had one of the poles crack on the 150 the 4th time I set it up, wrapped it in some electrical tape, so far so good.

The 100 had the hub rip out of the fabric setting it up the 3rd time.

Had great luck with the Ameristep two man blind, had it for 5 years, finally it gave up the ghost, but there were a lot of set ups and take downs.

Had deer walk by where I could touch them, never paid no mind, plus it keeps you out of the weather.


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We have used Ameristep, Double bull and a couple of others.
In all honesty we have had more success sitting in and around blow downs within bow range of trails (some are 15 yards some are 30). Just something else to look for. You can find or even create multiple places to set up. Just found 3 new places Sunday to set up from the ground.
I bought one of the original Double Bull blinds 30 years ago (before Primos bought them out) and I still use it. Has a few rips in the fabric and a couple of the net screen windows have torn, but I can stand up in it with a slight bend (I'm 6'1") and my son and I have room to sit comfortably without bumping into each other. Had to replace 2 broken poles, but that was years ago when they would ship out replacement parts for free. Not sure of the model but it was before the Matrix model came out. Had good results with bow and muzzleloader over the years and its still exciting hunting face to face with deer.
I bought the Ameristep Silent Brickhouse last summer after my knee replacement
and it has plenty of room for short axle bow or crossbow....Last year i used a simple folding stool with back rest and honestly it was comfortable for me...Low enough where arrow cleared the window and top cam was plenty clear of the roof...