Post a picture from your past that takes you back.


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This is me and Jerrie (Mrs George Ramsey). They lived on the farm next to that of my Grandparents. That farm belonged to my Grandmother's Sister. George and Jerrie worked for everyone in the community that needed help. Mom had health issues and didn't handle the pregnancy well. Jerrie tended me for a while early on and laid claim to me whenever she could later on.
Whenever I get the strong odor of snuff this lady comes immediately to mind.
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Me in the early 70's with my first horsey:


My dad after our last fishing trip together, a few months before he passed:


My wife and I long, long ago. Our youngest son is in the pic too, just not visible:


Same son and me. I called him "Yob the Martian" at that stage. :bounce:



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My old man and I killed these bucks with our bows the year I graduated high school and everyone in the area spread rumors that we:
-poached them with a spotlight.
-didn't have hunting licenses.
-shot them out of other people treestands.
-trespassed to retrieve them.
-hunted over bait.

None of which is true. But we never denied any of it. We just let people talk and we still chuckle about how many rumors spread through the community. Years later people still talk about it. lol Idiots. My closest friends who knew the real stories loved hearing and providing feedback on the juicy rumors....haha

No matter how old you are.
No matter what state you are in.
No matter what weapon you use.
No matter how hard you hunt.
No matter how good of a shot you are.
People will always be jealous and will always smack their cheeks.


Truth is, we both got very lucky and we deserved those deer more than anyone for how hard we hunted that year. And they were in fact both taken VERY legally on our own property. lol

Not a lot has changed in 20 years. People still find a reason to beleive you didnt kill your deer legally. I'm glad I dont hunt to impress others or it would not be very rewarding. lol
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