Post pics of the Kids in the Outdoors!


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We try to do a family charter fishing trip every year, and this year we asked Little Critter what she wanted to target... She said, "A cute, little big fish!" I tried to get more detail, species, etc. I asked did she want to fish docks, ocean, surf... All I could get out of her was "cute, little big fish...".

So, I did what any good Dad would do and abdicated responsibility to the charter captain... And Captain Robert Brodie of Team Brodie Charters was up to the task!

We went out to the beach in front of Biloxi/Gulfport and got into a HUGE school of Spanish mackerel. After catching our limit of mackerel, we started looking for the "big" fish and finally found a school of big fish. Shortly there after Little Critter and her mom both had fish on their rods (I'm amazed they never got tangled!). Mom brought in a bull red, and Little Critter brought in a ginormous jack crevalle. And that jack crevalle was carrying a teeny remora. So Captain Brodie did get Little Critter her "cute, little big fish" - though it was really two fish in one.

Later on Little Critter brought in the biggest bull red of the trip as well. Then we went and caught a mess of white trout that I'm going to stink the grease up with here shortly...

All in all, I think Little Critter caught 9 different species...

A good day was had by all...


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Spoiling them kids rotten with the outdoors.... Aint nothing better!
Here are my helpers from yesterday's opening day of dove season. These are K80's daughters, my granddaughters.



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I took ole Jake for his first cub scout campout yesterday. After the haunted trail last night, he was ready to go home. Overall he had a blast and really enjoyed the BB gun shooting and archery range. I wanted him to campout, but one his best buddies was going home so he got started. Being that the scout base is 10 minutes from my house we loaded up and went home.


My nephew got his best this past Sunday afternoon. Was in the stand 5 minutes then unloaded the "naught-six" on him. Was hunting with his dad, Ol' Buckmaster. He's a dead eye.