Post pics of the Kids in the Outdoors!

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He is a lefty. Plays pitcher, 1B and OF. He's a good fisherman too! Wears me out some days.
Cherish it (I'm sure you do)! My boy played a bunch of baseball just a few short years ago! Now he is serving in the USMC.
I couldn't think of a better way to raise children than to have them experience all of what the outdoors has to offer, no matter what we do or what time of year we are outside!
Don't blink people. they grow up fast...


This is Hook, his family are friends of ours. I nicknamed him hook because he has this wicked right hand side arm cast. A lot of times his lure would land on the bank to his left. But when he hits the water he is a lucky cuss! I’ve been sick for a while and unable to take him and I miss his company! But soon we will be back at it!


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My great nephew got his 1st. Sorry the pic is blurry, Dad was a bit excited. So proud of both of them.
He's still at it. Last year he won the youth big buck contest in his town and they mounted his deer free for winning. I love this fella. cole.jpg
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