Post those Hunting Gear Deals!!!


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I noticed danners were 30% off but I was really wanting to try crispi ankle support system for all the side hills that have destroyed my ankles.

you will love them I have two pairs and I live in the flat lands. went out to south Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming last year and they were duh bomb
Great deal on Cuddeback game cams from Midway.

Buy 2 J series long range 20 MP cameras (usually $200 each) for $299 and get a free Cuddelink Dual Cell camera (usually $200 each) as a rebate.

Basically you're getting a $600 value for $300.

The Cuddelink plan allows you to purchase 1 service and all 3 of these cameras (actually up to 16 cameras) communicate with each other so that the Dual Cell sends the pics from all 3 on the one plan.

I bought some of these early in deer season. Really like them.

Here's the link:

Here's the info on the Dual Cell rebate:
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Academy is running a sale on all their hunting clothes for the next day or two, most are 50% off, also the time to start looking for their clearance on stands and feeders. but if like last year you gotta move fast, they get gone quick !