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Scent control - Home built Scent Crusher

Scent control users,
I'm a hardcore scent control advocate. I use scent control clothing, wash, ozonics, golf cart, etc... And, of course, I play the wind. So far, I've seen noticeable results. So I began studying the NEW scent crusher wheeled tote and investigating the concept in hopes to gain a little more edge on Mr. Buck Nasty. After searching, I've found a similar generator (I think it's actually the same one with different stickers)online for a fraction of the cost. From China, it's $25-30. Stateside it sells for $60-90on ebay/amazon. The exact tote that they use is available from Wal-Mart for $20. Online the package is $200-300. Making it yourself can get you in the $50-120 range. There are some less expensive units out there is you look hard enough. You'll need at least 500 mg/hr and 12 volt/110v adapters. It works great for eliminating odor in your clothes or anything you put in the container. Hope this helps save ya'll some $$$

Here's the Ozone generator:
O3 Pure Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator 500mg/hr 12V 110
by O3 Pure/Kel

Tote: Sterilite 40 gallon wheeled tote


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