Post those Hunting Gear Deals!!!


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Stopped in Sports Center in Perry today.

All archery gear is on sale (25% off). Bought FMJ arrows for $56 for 6 (normally $76).

I thought that was a heckova deal (they have 340's, 500's and a few 400's (which is what I shoot).

They also offered to cut them for me (don't know if there's a charge for that (I have my own set up so didn't)).


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Midway has the Gorilla safety Harness on sale for $27
The Walmart stores near me have all of their deer season camo 50% off or better. All the archery equipment is on clearance. Feeders are on clearance. Also, the flashlights, headlamps, spotlights, knife sets, and tools sets left over from Christmas are all on clearance. Check your local stores since it seems deals differ from store to store.


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Ebay having big Memorial Day sale

Ebay is having a big sale right now for memorial day on sporting goods. I saw Browning trail cams for $70 and then they have a coupon code for an additional 20% off which would bring it down to $56 and free shipping, I saw a Browning Strike Force for $130 which would be $104 after the 20% discount and I also saw a Covert cellular trail camera for around $174, after the additional 20% off. They also have other sporting goods on sale as well with the extra 20% off, like crossbows.

Check it out:


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Dicks sporting goods ha primos proof cams for around 36$ this weekend. They're 100$ normally and are great cams. Free shipping too


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One man ladder stands

Was at the Academy Sports in Orlando and they had their one man Game Gear ladder stands on sale for $49. Stand looked very comfortable and if I was looking for a stand right now I would have grabbed all three of them. I can't speak for all the Academy's but if your looking for a one man it might be worth a visit right now as that's about 1/2 price to about anything else I've seen that nice.


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Good deal on Thompson Center Compass Rifles

They have a $75 rebate that goes with those prices. Get a combo gun/Vortex scope for under $300 and gun only for under $200. Some guns are on backorder but the prices are good until the end of December I am lead to understand. I think if your looking for a good rifle without spending an arm and a leg, this looks pretty good.
If you are a Cabelas rewards member check your email. They are sending out $20 off $100 coupons that are good until 10/17. Used mine last night. Can't usually beat 20% off.


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Bumping this up for Black Friday deals. I’m always looking for a good <$100 trail cam and tree stands.

Post what y’all find.

I know Academy is gonna have a 3 pack of WGI Terra 10 cams for $100. Not a bad camera other than white out night pics if your feeder is closer than 15’ away. Seems like a good trigger. Still on first set of batteries with over 2000 pics.