Post those Hunting Gear Deals!!!

Academy Sports is running their 2 man ladder stand for $89.95 right now.
black Friday everything in Dicks was 25% off
Those $28 Tasco trail cams at Walmart are awesome!!!! I've got four different brand cameras on our place and that tasco has the best pics of any of them, even much more expensive ones. They do require 8 AA batteries.
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Got a couple for $28. Great pictures.
Can't bring myself to shop at Dicks anymore. Not even if they payed me to take their products.
They are down to one cashier here and stock market value poor. Will go the way of Gander soon.


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Foodsaver website has a good sale on some of their sealers and their rolls of bags are two for one.
Thanks, I got me a new sealer, bags and containers!! Thanks again for the heads up!!


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I bought boxes of the vacuum seal bags from Kroger for 6.89 for a box of 22 bags. They were sitting right next to the Foodsaver bags for 20 something bucks a box. They are a bit thinner but I can live with that for the price difference.