Post up your Christmas Tree pics.


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The annual Christmas tree used to be a really big deal at our house. Go cut a big live tree, essentially have a party decorating it etc. We’re empty nesters now and maybe just getting old enough we didn’t want to do that anymore. For the first time in 30 yrs of marriage we got an artificial tree…….. Put it up Saturday and have yet to add any ornaments etc….

We’re slowly adding some other decorations around the house.

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Admiring it all, sir.

Really smiling at seeing the Nativity. That is where my Christmas thoughts and feels are focused.



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Haven't had a tree in probably 25+ years or so.
We used to do ours on Thanksgiving night.
After mom and dad got divorced it just wasn't the same.
Now, no wife or kids so just what's the point.
I don't buy or like getting gifts either.
Love this time of year and seeing all the decorations.
I get to ride around and see some lights while heading back at the end of shift on the ambulance.
about the same for me but my parents have both passed away. still love riding and seeing all the lights and decorations, even watching the old Christmas shows except I can't watch Rudolph because mom and I would always sit and watch it even when I was older !


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Empty nest Christmas is different. But it's still Christmas. Our savior was born and he is still risien.
We still do tree and yard decorations.

Several years ago I added a wreath. That I make out of vines and items from the woods. Pine burrs, holly leaves and berries. Acorns, sweet gum balls and such. No man made stuff only natural/nature stuff. Then I get everybody that comes buy to bring something for it from their woods.


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Admiring it all, sir.

Really smiling at seeing the Nativity. That is where my Christmas thoughts and feels are focused.


Someone, don't remember who, gave us that as either a wedding gift or first Christmas gift some 30 yrs ago now. One of the critter's ears has gone missing but we always make sure to wrap all that up carefully before putting away again every January.


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Even when I was a single man living alone I put a small Christmas tree up. It just seemed the right thing for me to do with recognizing the Savior's Birthday. And my house didn't look right with no Christmas decorations around. But I still respect what others do and how they feel about the Christmas season. I couldn't even imagine our house without a Christmas tree lit on Christmas morning.

And usually my Wife starts taking the Christmas tree down the day after Christmas. She always tells me Christmas is over and the tree has to go.


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We have Christmas at our house for all of the family. Our 8 year old granddaughter loves to help decorate the tree and she also puts up the Christmas in the City display. The 6 year old grandson hangs with me and we just try to stay out of the way.


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We don't put one up since the kids grew up. We put one up a couple years ago when the grandkids came in for a few days at Christmas, but they live on the other end of the country, so that doesn't happen very often. :(