Post your best buck to date

Highest scoring is the 11pt from Missouri 177 5/8

Best Gordon county buck is the 8 on the pedestal 142

Most impressive in my opinion is the 7pt scores 127 3/8

The 8 not mounted in 154 1/8

Most meaningful a million times over the 8 that I killed on a parent child hunt with my dad. Over 28 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday! 3F3942A5-B659-43AA-935A-7038B179E510.jpeg DA8EA46D-FCFC-4341-8F5D-0684F5400E7F.jpeg 6E0BB920-4B7A-45A4-ABD1-4B4FEE54989C.jpeg 36C2A8CD-1A75-4E38-81F5-F220D4F3A80C.jpeg 174C3975-0138-4FAD-B2FB-55AE0FAC86AB.jpeg
I’m an idiot and can not figure out how to rotate the pics. I even enlisted the help of my know it all 13 year old daughter, still no luck. Can someone please educate me?


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I ain't being ugly so don't crucify me. Just an observation. The magazine writers would have you believe that killing a big buck is nigh on to impossible. But then you see things like this with picture after picture of big 'uns. Pick up the GON magazine and there's 6 year olds with bucks any seasoned hunter would be proud of shot out of a box stand on a food plot. And this is just a fraction of what's taken every year. And has been pointed out on here before there's even bigger and better ones no one will ever see. Ain't demeaning anybody's accomplishment and I like seeing 'em as good as the next guy. I've watched the big 'uns in the woods and I know they ain't no stumble bums. I guess what I'm saying is that each and every one's a gift and we should all be gratefull for the opportunity and especially grateful when a big one enters our life.