Pot Bellied Pigs?


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pot bellied pigs

lots of fat! Ask your processer. With three he may have enough for sausage! I use them to start my catahoulas on hogs! then we have a Bar B Q! To answer your question yes! :flag:
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Somebody help out a brother!

Where's the best place to take one to have it processed?

I'm going to pick him up in Maysville so anywhere between there and Monroe would be great.


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Palmers Meat Processing in Nicholson. 706-757-2227 Johns place is about 3/4 mile east of US 441 on Sanford Drive. That is kinda/sorta between Maysville and Monroe isnt it Jeff?

John works up every kind of animal that can be processed. Im sure he will slaughter and process them ugly little piggies for you. Heck he will probably go to Maysville and haul em back for you. He does it all.

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Thanks for number!

I called John & he convienced me not to waste my money.

He says they have too much fat to make processing worth while.

If anyone else is interested in taking these piggies let me know.


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There is some kind of a pot-bellied pig "rescue" organization if you get desparate enough. One of my in-laws participates (she only has 27 or so of them now, but only 4 live in the house...). Good luck!