Powerbelt full size 50 cal ????

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I have been using sabots with 45 cal HP in my 50 cal inline for years, but buddy swears by his full size ( 50 cal) powerbelt bullet with green plastic cup on the bottom.....I am open for opinion , ether way !!!

Comments/opinion welcome !!!!!! Merry Christmas everyone !!!
I have shot sabots and powerboats out of the same gun. I think the sabots do a little better. I noticed on recovered deer that the powerbelts didn't seem to expand as much as the sabots. But since then powerbelts have a hollow point also. Didn't notice any change in accuracy
Powerbelts work but I personally think them to be a tad over rated. I have witnessed them perform improperly but they have nonetheless killed game.

Another thing is that PBs don’t shoot well out of all guns. My CVA Staghorn made 5-6” groups at 50 yds with them. I ended up going with sabots. I have heard mixed reports on PB accuracy in a variety of guns. From my observations, anecdotally, CVA guns seem to shoot them best.

I have never used PBs personally but a family member of mine uses muzzleloaders and PBs exclusively. He uses the tipped ones. They have had mixed results from fragmentation and lack of expansion to having perfect mushrooms.

You won’t be handicapping yourself by using them but keep an open mind on bullet performance.

I liked the idea of the full bore 50 cal bullet so I got a 54 cal ML and use purple MMP 54/50 sabots and 50 cal bullets.


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My brother uses the Powerbelt aerotips in his CVA Wolf with good accuracy and success on deer. Longest shot was 150 yards. I use No Excuses 460 gr in my NEF Huntsman and Dead Center Sabots in my Disc Elite. Both very accurate.


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I used them with mixed results. Best performance was with 100 grains of Pyrodex. With 150 gr charge they seemed to blow apart. Killed quite a few deer with them when they first came out. They would clover leaf at 100 yards out of my CVA Mag Bolt 150.


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Scrap anything with plastic on it, and get some 350-grain T/C Maxi-hunter conicals. They load easy, are pretty durn accurate, and hit like the hammer of Thor. I've killed half a traincar load of deer with them over the years. Why get a .50 rifle and shoot .44 bullets in it? I'll take weight and diameter over speed all day every day and twice on Sunday.


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Accurate but no pass thru
The 350 T/C Maxi-hunters pass through 99% of the time unless you're shooting it in the chest when it's facing you, and if it didn't drop in its tracks, leave a blood trail that Stevie Wonder could follow.
I got these and will try out with a 150 grain load of White Hots after the holiday weekends are done

The Hornady™ Bore Driver Bullets