Prayer request for my son.

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Howard Roark

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From His wife around 3:30……..labs all looked good, they couldn’t find any evidence of an infection. His blood pressure has gone back down. His heart rate is elevated, around 107. He was dehydrated. We are waiting on the discharge papers. They are going to do a culture on his stool as well but they said they would call if anything came back. His elevated heart rate could be related to anxiety. We will follow up with a primary care physician when we get back.


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Prayers sent


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O Father of mercies and God of comfort, our only help in time of need; We humbly beseech thee to behold, visit, and relieve thy sick servant Howard’s son, for whom our prayers are desired. Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy; comfort him with a sense of thy goodness; preserve him from the temptations of the enemy; and give him patience under his affliction. In thy good time, restore him to health, and enable him to lead the residue of his life in thy fear, and to thy glory; and grant that finally he may dwell with thee in life everlasting; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.