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Morning everyone, may I ask to be added to your prayers. Been battling Cancer for a few weeks now. I hate cancer with ever fiber of my being. With God leading the charge and getting mad dog mean I’m going to be a cancer Survivor Been in the hospital for a week now battling an infection. Miss my wife and son so much. Miss the outdoors, hunting , fishing, just being in Gods country! You paymaster guys keep it up y’all cheer me up with your grocery pics love to look at them. Trust me when you been on a liquid diet as long as I have you’ll be tempted to eat the phone screen. Y’all be careful out there this season I’m going to have to setmost of it out Thanks for the Prayers God Bless everyone!


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Sorry you're having to go through this Bubba, but we know the great healer! I will be asking him to touch you.
I agree 100%. Cancer sucks. There have been several of us on the forum that have been through that battle before, and we are more than willing to offer any support we can. I have been cancer free for 3 years now, after chemo, radiation, and surgery for colon cancer.

I will be praying for you, and if you want to talk, PM me.

God bless you



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Prayers sent


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Thoughts and prayers to you. Never give up.
Prayers lifted. Your attitude will carry you far in this battle! Chemotherapy has made tremendous advances over the past ten years. You got this!


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Prayers lifted up for you and your family. Cancer does suck, no doubt about it. I had prostate cancer, went through radiation and then had the radioactive seeds put in my prostate. So far, so good. Will be praying for you, my friend.

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Prayers for you, your family and those treating you brother. It's easier said than done I know but lean on and believe in Him. Maybe getting ready to go through this with my dad. Going for first apt at Shands tomorrow.

Hang in the man and you are in my prayers.

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i hate it for you Bubba and will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong.