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Morning everyone, may I ask to be added to your prayers. Been battling Cancer for a few weeks now. I hate cancer with ever fiber of my being. With God leading the charge and getting mad dog mean I’m going to be a cancer Survivor Been in the hospital for a week now battling an infection. Miss my wife and son so much. Miss the outdoors, hunting , fishing, just being in Gods country! You paymaster guys keep it up y’all cheer me up with your grocery pics love to look at them. Trust me when you been on a liquid diet as long as I have you’ll be tempted to eat the phone screen. Y’all be careful out there this season I’m going to have to setmost of it out Thanks for the Prayers God Bless everyone!
Prayers for you. May God's mighty hand touch and heal you.
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Thank you everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement I really appreciate it. Y’all be careful out there get ya a big one or some meat or just watch’em walk by whatever makes you happy! God Bless.
Hate that a hospital stay takes family from you. Will lift up your whole bunch, its hard on them too. Peace and healing to you.
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Thanks I really appreciate it. The last 25 days I’ve been in the hospital 21 of those. My tumor has grown and has blocked bile from getting into my intestine causing it to backup into my stomach. Was NPO for 4 days waiting on surgery! They did bypass surgery Tuesday giving me another stomach opening to my intestine. Guys getting rid of that bile from my stomach was awful that’s all I’ll say on that. Anyway feeling better now back on solid food, looks like I may get to go home this weekend! I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers , I really appreciate it!